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MCR Recruitment Services was established in 2010, a recruitment company with a vision. A vision to ultimately provide the best business environment for both employer and employee’s by placing the right people for the right jobs.


 With 30 years combined HR experience in fields of Construction, Oil & Gas, Medical and Hospitality, MCR has provided clients with unparalleled reach across industry sectors and throughout the Gulf-MENA, Middle East and North African countries. MCR understands that your business needs are complex and evolving, and that is why we strive to develop long-term, result-oriented partnerships.


We supply highly skilled workforce elements to a number of industries including health care, construction, oil and gas, education, banking, and tourism. A dedicated and experienced MCR team covers each of the industries we serve. All MCR staff members hold university degrees in the fields they cover backed by years of experience in the details of the businesses they serve. Physicians and economists cooperate to serve  the  health  care  sector,  travel  and  tourism  professionals  evaluate  candidates applying for jobs in that field, oil and gas company executives select applicants for the energy related companies while bankers and economists handle job seekers in the field of finance. Education is served by business professionals who have extensive

experience in the field.


MCR clients are mostly located in the Arabian Gulf states, Middle East and North  Africa.  They  entrust  to  us  the  recruitment,  screening  and  selection  of skilled professionals whose education, experience and personal attributes closely match the challenges of the jobs offered. Our vision is simple ,we see an applicant’s career as a treasured asset that we need to preserve and build upon by providing jobs that enhance this career and enrich it with further experience. Our mission is clear, our client’s success is a priority and we strive to provide skilled professionals that contribute to this success.


MCR partners include companies in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.  With  our  partners,  we  have  a  strategic  advantage  allowing  us  to  reach skilled professionals from all corners of the globe. MCR works to add value for our clients through building careers for skilled Professionals.

Marwan M.S. Ghuneim

President & CEO


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